simple, lightweight, usable websites

  • Video art exhibition

    Charles Schriver is a filmmaker, painter, and street artist living in Chicago, IL. He enjoys traveling, and recently started recording ambient video landscapes from different parts of the world. This website is an early exhibition of some of these video works. screenshot

    Created using: Photoshop, XHTML, CSS, Flash

  • Supporting Schools in New Mexico

    The McKinley Education Foundation provides an avenue through which to support the teachers in New Mexico's Gallup-McKinley County Schools. I designed a website to give people access to grant forms, application guidelines, and more information on the foundation. screenshot

    Created using: Photoshop, PHP, XHTML, CSS

  • Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

    Chicago’s only outlet for authentic Indonesian fare, The Rice Table strives to showcase the cuisine's distinctive flavors and cooking styles. This website was designed to educate users on Indonesian food, showcase its culinary gems, and provide information on The Rice Table menus, news, and catering events. screenshot

    Created using: Photoshop, PHP, XHTML, CSS, Flash

  • Hot grilled sandwiches, late night delivery

    This East Lansing, Michigan favorite has a great vibe and delicious food to match it. They offer hot grilled sandwiches, deli sandwiches, reubens, burgers, shakes, homemade desserts, and much more. This website conveys the character of the store while providing menu details and store hours. screenshot

    Created using: Photoshop, PHP, XHTML, CSS

  • Professional Organizer serving the Chicago metropolitan area

    Less is More specializes in the de-cluttering and organizing of homes and personal collections. Less clutter means more space. Less time searching allows more to be accomplished. Less mess enables you to enjoy more of what you love. Less is more. screenshot

    Created using: Ruby, HTML5, CSS, jQuery

  • Concrete: durable, sustainable, and affordable.

    The Concrete First Coalition is a project of the Illinois Ready Mixed Concrete Association. The goals of the website were to establish the organization as a credible source of information on concrete and pavement issues, and to establish concrete as the material of choice for paving and construction projects. screenshot

    Created using: Photoshop, PHP, XHTML, CSS, Flash

  • Wearable Art, Made In Chicago

    Sangha Rising is a Chicago artist collective working in fashion, painting, and street art. The website features information on local appearances and retail outlets, the collective mission, and an online store where you can purchase Sangha T-shirts and accessories. screenshot

    Created using: Photoshop, PHP, XHTML, CSS, ECMAScript

  • Where You are Number One!

    Maggio's Restaurant Southampton, PA's favorite spot for a good, old- fashioned, home-cooked meal. This website showcases over 20 different menus, a stunning photo gallery, and information on catering for all types of occasions. Delicious! screenshot

    Created using: Flash, Photoshop, XHTML, CSS, PHP, ECMAScript

  • The soup, sandwich, and shake shack

    This simple menu-focused website was developed for the Brown Sack, a very tasty Chicago restaurant with award winning sandwiches, soups, shakes, and smoothies. Their food speaks for itself. Trust me, if you're ever in the area (Logan Square), this is a spot you don't want to miss. screenshot

    Created using: Photoshop, XHTML, CSS